Adapted cyclists

L’Ardéchoise for everyone!

L’Ardéchoise has a particular attention to propose cycling to disabled people.

Every package are opened to disabled people whose we propose a special adapted package.

Disabled sportive cyclist

Since the beginning, L'Ardéchoise proposes a disabled category in the one-day-package for sportive cyclists.

You can run in this category on one of the five one-day-routes. View the routes (link to one-day-package).

Conditions: Own a parasports licence or an invalidity card with a medical certificate allowing the practice of competition cycling.

Weaked people

To weaked people (diabetic, heart condition, blind, mentally deficient), we propose adapted routes.

The route L'Ardéchoise des Jeunes (29 or 50km) is opened to weaked people. Length and difficulty are more adapted than other routes. Since 2006, centers of mentally deficient people and since 2014 diabetic groups have enjoyed their participation in a big sportive event.

Other advantages

We propose too:

- An easier access if it is needed,

- a lower cost