Car parks

Saint Félicien is a small village of Ardèche, with few welcoming capacities. To welcome you as best as we can, we provide you car parks on meadows around the village.

Car parks for taking of numbers, for camping-cars, for several days, and so on. Thanks to respect the rules about parking.


Parking forbidden in Saint Félicien. You must park in car parks around the village. Please respect strictly our parking signs and instructions of volunteers. Any car which is not correctly parked will be impounded.

Information about car parks can change until the event.


Car park for taking your number (accreditations) and dropping off your baggage

The short period car park (E1). Please follow signs. (View plan)
Capacity of 400 places. Authorised occupation duration: 1h30. Park closed the night, permanently kept. 2mn by foot from the gym (accreditations) and 2mn by foot from the village fall (baggages).

Camping cars park

  • St Félicien, quartier Pré Lacour. Be careful, this park may be quickly full (View plan)
  • St Victor : in the village, (D 532), near shops.
  • Colombier le Vieux : in the village, tarmac place, (D 234, avec with a terminal for camping-car), near shops.
  • Arlebosc : in the village, tarmac place, (D 578, with a terminal for camping-car).

Paying parks are available in the camp site Pierrageay (Saint Félicien) and in the camp site Chantelermuze (Saint Victor).


Ardèche Verte on Wednesday

During the day: car park A1 (450 places, direction St Victor) and car park D1 (160 places, direction Colombier)

Ardéchoise des Jeunes on Wednesday

Specific information will be given to participants. Follow the instructions and signs on D-Day.

2, 3 and 4 days

Here are the closest car parks from Saint Félicien.

4 solutions according to 4 axes of arrivals and starts:

  • D 532, St Victor, Tournon, A7 Tain : car parks A1 (450 places), A2 (60 places), A4 (120 places)
  • D 115, Vaudevant, Annonay, A7 Chanas : car park B1 (230 places)
  • D 532, la Louvesc, Haute Loire : car park C1 (160 places)
  • D 234, Colombier, Tournon, Arlebosc, Lamastre : car paks D1 (160 places), D2 (470 places), D3 (160 places)

Only Saturday participants (with shuttles)

The access to the village of Saint Félicien is forbidden, except for residents.
To blockages points where police force is posted, 4 big car parks according to the 4 axes of arrivals and starts.

  • D 532, col de Fontayes  (St Félicien)  : car parks A5+A6+A7 with 1800 places
  • D 115, Lapras (Vaudevant) :  car park B2 with 180 places
  • D 532, col du Gibet (Pailharès/Vaudevant) : car park C2 with 600 places.
  • D 234, mur de Boze (Bozas) : car parks D4+D5+D6 with 1140 places

Shuttles can bring companions and cyclists until the village center and bring them back from 6am to 9pm all on Saturday.
Please note that the shuttle between Saint Félicien and Lalouvesc cross Satilieu because D 532 is privatised during the event. Count one hour to go back to Lalouvesc.

Some recommendations

Be attentive to be clean and avoid any deterioration of meadows supplied by farmers.
According to the weather, anything can change, obviously.

More about car parks plans