Accommodations and baggages on routes

For hikers in several days (2, 3 and 4 days), the organization proposes you the reservation of accommodations and the transport of your baggage.

Accommodation on route

Option 'accommodation' is proposed if places are available.

Cyclists are placed in the order of arrival of their registration forms according to their chosen route et the organization of baggages' transport.


Localisation of accommodations :

Because accommodations zones are very heterogeneous on routes, your accommodation can be located on your route or until 20km to out of your route.

Stage 2 days: 1 night at mid-distance of your chosen route

Stage 3 days: 2 nights at 1/3 and 2/3 of the route.

Stage 4 days: 3 nights at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the route.

Stages 4 days from north to south: 4 nights with Tuesday and Wednesday in the same accommodation within 25km from St Félicien. Tuesday and Friday at 1/3 and 2/3 of the chosen route.


In the case where every possibility would have been exhausted, L'Ardéchoise calls you to propose you other possibilities (distance, route).


Accommodations packages:

-          Formula A or B

The price contains: half-pension (dinner, night and breakfast) (sheets supplied, towels not supplied) for 1 to 4 nights according to the chosen package.

Formulas A and B are different only about the number of person per room. A: collectice room with more than 5 places. B: rooms from 1 to 5 places.


       -  Higher-comfort package:

This package proposes only hotels or B&B ranked with minimum 3 stars.

The price contains a snack to your arrival, half-pension, supplied sheets and towels.

In the case where there is no place anymore, a lower-comfort accommodation will be proposed to you.


Groups :

Cyclists who want to be accommodated on the same place must:

- By mail: send their registrations in the same envelop pointing out the person in charge of the group

- By Internet: register the same or close days pointing out the person in charge of the group

Baggage's transporte

This service is only intended to accommodated cyclists by L'Ardéchoise.

One baggage = 1 and only one bag totally closed (nothing can exceed)


Weight and dimensions:

Baggage 2 days: maximum 7 kg / 50 X 35 X 30 cm

Baggage 3 days: maximum 9 kg / 60 X 35 X 30 cm

Baggage 4 days: maximum 10 kg / 60 X 35 X 30 cm

Baggage 4 days north to south : maximum 10 kg / 60 X 35X 30 cm

Non respect of these rules will cause the refusal of the taking in charge of your baggage.


A nominative sticker is supplied while you take your accreditation.


Drop off your bag!

After you take your accreditation (number, etc), you can drop off your baggage at the village hall of Saint Félicien from Tuesday to Friday. (View timeschedule on programme.)

On your accommodation's places, baggages have to be closed and ready to be given to carriers at 7.30am.


Baggage 4 days north to south: on Tuesday night, cyclists take directly their baggage to the accommodation. On Thursday morning, the baggage has to be ready to be given to carriers at 7am.



- At your accommodation, your baggage will be available at 6pm at the latest.

- On Saturday from noon to 8pm at the village hall of Saint Félicien according to the arrival of volunteers carriers.