Accommodations Pays de St-Félicien

To accommodate you around Saint Félicien, you can contact local tourism offices.

The organization L'Ardéchoise proposes you the accommodation for nights on the route - please view 2 to 4 days packages.

Saint Félicien is a small village of North Ardèche with very limited welcoming capacities.

By experience, many cyclists accommodate within 30 to 50km from Saint Félicien.

North Ardèche tourism offices

You can contact the tourism office of Saint Félicien and the other close to the village (Lalouvesc, Tournon, Lamastre, Annonay...).

Tourism office ST FELICIEN +33 (0) Website
Tourism office LALOUVESC +33 (0) Website
Tourism office LAMASTRE +33 (0) Website
Tourism office TOURNON +33 (0) Website
Tourism office d’ANNONAY +33 (0) Website
Tourism office DESAIGNES +33 (0) Website
Tourism office ST AGREVE +33 (0) Website
Tourism office LE CHEYLARD +33 (0) Website
Tourism office ST MARTIN DE VALAMAS +33 (0)  
Tourism office ST BONNET LE FROID +33 (0) Website
Tourism office VERNOUX +33 (0)  

Tourism Committee

To have all information about Ardèche and its accommodations (camp sites, hotels, locations, B&B, holidays' villages), please view the website of the tourism Committee. Its booklets are downloadable. +33 (0)4-75-64-04-66

Other partners to find accommodations