L’Ardéchoise and all its team, according to actuel preoccupations, make an effort, each years, to improve its environmental step to become an eco-event. 

Since several years,l’Ardéchoise works with the association Les Connexions for the people's awareness and rubbishs' management during the event. In this approach, different actions was organized : 

In the village : 

The cyclist' awareness: The saturday in the end of the cyclosportive, a stand animated by Les Connexions to raise awareness among the cyclist and their family. The saturday in the beginning, there is a reminder of the good citizen's behaviour to have in the road. 

The setting up of 15 000 éco-cup, glass offered to the cyclist in exchange for 1 euro guarantee and reusable. This glass minimize plastic's rubbish because it replace disposable glass. 

Important materials  and humans ressources deployed as triple bins, tray with casters, cisterns for the evacuation of plastic's rubbishs... There are too until 10 persons of association  Les Connexion and some volunteers of the Ardéchoise throughout the event to ensure the good waste sorting.

A well thought out waste management thunk upstream and apply downstream with meal tray completely recyclables, wood's cutleryes , water's bottle recycled, dish no open get back...  After your starting, the work continue, yours rubbishs will be not bury but reuse via differents way. 

On the road : 

The awareness of young people : On young Ardéchoise, an acitivity do by Les Connexions is present for awareness the children to the environment. In theis way, they have the good reflex from an early adge. 

The checking of the good behaviour of the cyclists :

  • The presence of the association Eco-cyclo to awareness the cyclist who would have bad reflexs. 
  • Penalities applied by racing inspectors, signalers and correspondents for all behaviour disrepectfull to the environment.

A suitable signage : Throughout route, signs to remenber tot he cyclist the good reflex to have to respect our beutifull ardechoise area

An ecological pocket on the Ardéchoise shirt: This pocket add to the Ardéchoise shirt called " trash pocket" allows cyclists to no throw their rubbish in the countryside.