L'Ardéchoise is also more than 8.000 volunteers who commit to help in every crossed village, which there are motivation, creativity, smiles, conviviality and warm welcoming... that supply a festive atmosphere at every edition.

Why being a volunteer?

Being a volunteer in L'Ardéchoise is to be in the heart of the European leader cycling event. To be able to welcome almost 15.000 cyclists, those 8.500 volunteers prepare this unavoidable event in every detail: sending letters to each participant, creation of signs, decoration and welcome in a festive atmosphere at every edition.

You can be a volunteer:

  • In one of each 163 crossed villages with multiple activities, like decoration, disguise, etc.
  • In Saint Félicien, start and finish place. Needs in volunteers are numerous and diversified while several days (logistical installations, cyclist welcome, meal, baggage, tidying, etc)

In addition to have happiness to participate in the biggest sport event in the area, advantages to be a volunteer on L'Ardéchoise are numerous.

Gifts benefits

  • Endowment for every one during the event: a T-shirt, a special gift “Ardéchoise” (a hat in 2016), a special edition of Le Dauphiné Libéré in memory of L'Ardéchoise sent in every house in end June, a cap
  • Thanks in the media: a list will be published village by village either in Hebdo de l’Ardèche or Le Dauphiné Libéré
  • Invitations to the volunteers’ celebration which was in Alba la Romaine in 2016)
  • A forecast competition financed by a partner with a bike to win
  • Many prizes to win with a random draw during the celebration

Financial support for the village

  • Ardèche Department (Conseil Général de l'Ardèche) rewards (max €100) animation projects in villages on 2 standards : musical band and decoration
  • Collective reward of a team thanks to the animated and decorated villages competition. In 2016, 145 villages were rewarded for a total amount of €50.350.
    The ranking is made by a jury.

How to be a volunteer?

You want to be part of the volunteers’ team? Contact-us!