A small classical race of a little village in Ardèche has become the greatest mass cycling event on mountain roads in the world.
So much history since 1990…

Important dates which made L'Ardéchoise

1988: Creation of Cyclo-Club de Saint Félicien

1990: Tour du Canton

1991: Tour du Canton de Saint Félicien et de la Haute-Vallée du Doux

1992: Creation of L'Ardéchoise by the "4 guys-band" : Gérard Mistler, François Caussèque, Pierre Jouvencel and Jean René Sarles.

First Ardéchoise on June 20th: 1.294 participants were on the start line of the event. Start from Saint Félicien and finish in Lalouvesc.

1994: 3.000 cyclists on the start line of L'Ardéchoise.

1996: Almost 7.000 registered cyclists.

1998: 10000-line is largely passed with 11.184 cyclists. Since this date, L'Ardéchoise has always been above 10000 regsitered.

2000: The Col de l'Ardéchoise (L'Ardéchoise pass) is officially named between Chanéac and Borée, on the route Les Sucs. It rises to 1.184m.

2001: Start and finish are in Saint Félicien.
“For Saint Félicien, it was the big gear with a heartwarming gym and secured infrastructures for the partners” (Le Dauphiné Libéré, June 15th). 10522 participants!

2002: Beginning of the 2-days-package. 13.526 participants!

2003: An important participation with 15.007 cyclists.

2005: L'Ardéchoise moves and leaves the dilapidated and narrow premises of a former and old school to a beautiful HEQ standards’ building.
Beginning of 3-days-package. 13.019 participants.

2006: Creation of L'Ardéchoise des jeunes (L'Ardéchoise for young cyclists). 13.000 participants !

2007: Creation of the route Les Gorges. 12.827 participants !

2008: Creation of the route La Méridionale. 13.187 participants !

2009: Creation of L'Ardèche Verte. 13.427 participants !

2010: Beginning of the 4-days-package Ardèche Verte + 3-days-package. 13.014 participants!
What is this insane dream to make live a mass sport event in a so small village? The question is asked. A start and a finish in a near city would have been easier. But the decision is taken by the director committee : L'Ardéchoise stays in Saint Félicien and the adventure continues.

2011: A 20th united edition with the common return by Lalouvesc.
Registration’s record: 15.954 cyclists!

2012: Beginning of the 4-days-package on the routes Les Gorges and La Méridionale. 12.453 participants.

2013: Like the first Tour du Canton, every village of Saint Félicien’s district is crossed by L'Ardéchoise. 12.908 participants!

2014: Creation of « Sur les Routes de l’Ardéchoise ». In partnership with the Touristic Development Agency and Ardèche Department, this project offers the possibility to cyclists to discover L'Ardéchoise routes all year long. In adavance departure for the route one day "Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon"

2015 : A new option " Superior Comfort" is offered for cyclists accommodation.